Huggie enamel earrings are vibrant and fun. They are born to rock the world with their quirky designs and diverse color palette. So if the style that you are going for is: impressive, young and eye- catching, then these earrings will fit you perfectly. Color this summer with huggie enamel earrings (among many other shapes and designs) and brighten up your world.

But, if you are looking for a pair of earrings that is glamorous with a touch of color, then you are also in the right place. Designers are extremely creative with their material. You can easily find a pair of enamel earrings that fits special and formal events. These earrings can rock from the street to the runway. Find yourselves a pair and you will fall in love with how it looks on you and its versatility. 

We are going to break down on all details that you need to know about this type of earrings. What is the material? Will it last for a long time? How it will compliment you? Find out the answers now.

Enamel is the best paint to make jewelry

Enamel is the paint that designers use to give colors to the jewelry. Enamel has a lasting effect, which assures that the earrings won´t lose the vibrant colors that they are famous for. Enamel paint usually is glossy and rust- resisted. So they look polished and shiny all the time. This effect lasts long since the paint helps the adornment with durability. Now, enamel paints are made for artists as well. And we can definitely say that jewelry designers are true artists.

Huggie enamel earrings

Huggie, just by the name of it you can already imagine the design. Huggie is a type of earrings that hugs around the ears nicely. The shape of them is similar to hoops, but they are usually smaller. There are a lot of designs to huggie enamel earrings. Some are extremely extravagant and some are minimal and chic. But they all have one thing in common, which is the touch of color that is unmistakable. 

Huggie earrings compliment all face shape so don´t look any further. Huggies, studs and small hoops are the types of earrings that go well with round face, square face or long face. They serve as a perfect attraction. Earrings give the outfit an upgrade. If you have planned out your outfit but there is still something missing, just throw on a pair of earrings and problems are solved.

Not just huggies, enamel earrings can come in hoops, dangles, drops or studs as well. This makes sure that every lady can come across more than one pair of earrings that they like. In ORCARJEWELRY, we strive for providing a diverse variety of jewelry to satisfy all tastes. You won´t feel left out with our wide range of jewelry.

The designs of enamel earrings are wild. There is no limit to enamel earrings. Thanks to the unlimited color palette, tons of figures are applied to the jewelry world. Flowers, animals, geometric patterns, etc. You can find everything in the category of enamel earrings.

Best huggie enamel earrings

Huggie enamel earrings

This is a pair of huggie enamel earrings designed by JanKuo Jewelry. The first impression of them is that they are very eye- catching. It is common knowledge that red and gold compliment each other well. And the red enamel color of the adornment and the gold color of the closure are in the best stage of a relationship. The clip on design makes these accessories suitable for any lady, with or without ear holes. The metal part is plated with gold for a luxurious appearance that any fashion lover search for. 

Even though they are small, they can be perfect statement jewelry as well. No one can ignore such colorful detail of the outfit. You can wear them to work or when you hang out with friends and family. You can even wear them daily. The total weight for both sides is 12 grams, which means each side only weighs 6 grams. That is a very comfortable weight for earrings.

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Huggie enamel earrings

This pair is absolutely gorgeous. It is designed by Yoursfs. The white flowers are made of white enamel and they are supported with the shine of the metal. This makes a wonderful summer´s accessory. The design and color are fresh and delightful, which is the vibe that summer should bring. The metal part is made of alloy, but it is plated 3 times with 18K rose gold for a durable and long- lasting effect. 

These earrings are clip on as well. The brands make sure that the clips are secured and hard to fall off, so they are dancing- safe. You can even adjust the tightness of the clips. Not everyone has the same earlobes, some have thick and some have thin ears. So with the adjustability, the earrings will stay on your ears all day long. Don’t worry about losing these babies.

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Huggie enamel earrings

This is too beautiful to be true. These are designed by Navachi. These are earrings with the design of leaves that are embellished with white crystals. The color combination is perfect, the design is perfect, the size is perfect. Everything about this pair makes it desirable. The closure is omega back or lever back. Your ears should be pierced to wear this pair. The metal is plated with 18k gold, the crystals are from Austrian. The quality is amazing, and the price is even more loveable. You can wear them daily and keep them for a long time thanks to the durability. They are suitable for party, work, wedding and many other occasions. 

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There are so many more beautiful pairs of enamel earrings, check them out on our website. You will also find more earrings´ designs that are trendy, chic and quality. If you need any support, please contact us without hesitation. 

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