Pura Vida daisy jacket earrings

FYI, Pura Vida daisy jacket earrings are the best accessories for boho chic. But why daisy? It is very common to cooperate flower pattens in jewelry´s designs. Observing a field full of rose can make your heart clench of yearning passion. A field of lavender sparks up the romance and love that you might never have felt before. Just like any other flowers, daisy has its own beauty and meaning. Daisy has always been attached to the image of freedom and romance. You have to admit that looking at daisies creates a peaceful sensation that is impossible to explain. And the boho style has always been a form of self- expression that strives to reach a life of freedom and peacefulness. 

Picking daisy earrings designed by Pura Vida is a smart choice. If you have already known the brand, sure enough you know the reason why. But if you don´t know the brand and you are looking for jewelry of high- quality at an affordable price, then you must get to know Pura Vida. Look no further because we are about to give you the full- on details about this amazing jewelry brand and their product: Pura Vida daisy jacket earrings.

Pura Vida daisy jacket earrings

Get to know the story behind Pura Vida

  • The support

Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman found the brand after a trip to Costa Rica. Their first intention simply was to celebrate their graduation, but it ended up more than just a vacation on the beach. In Costa Rica, they encountered two local men who were selling bracelets made of thread. The accessories were beautiful and they represented the stunning and natural life of the country. Unfortunately, the artisans were struggling with money since the bracelets didn´t sell much and thus, they have to work hard every day to take care of themselves and their family. The two friends felt for the story of the artisans and so they bought 400 bracelets in order to give them a hand. 

Back in San Diego, the hometown of Griffin and Paul, the two friends sold the bracelets in a local store and little did they expect to sell them all out in just a few days. And that was when they realized that these bracelets were more than attractive and it was possible to start a business based on these accessories. At the same time, they could help with local businesses in Costa Rica. Thanks to the launch and constant orders of the brand, people from Costa Rica, India and Salvador earn money and help spread the beauty of the accessories. They are not just some normal pieces of jewelry, they are a part of Costa Rica´s culture. They represent the chill style and celebrate small things in the daily mundane life.

Pura Vida daisy jacket earrings
  • Not just take, they give

Thanks to the nonstop development of the brand, they have been able to reach thousands of customers and thus broaden Pura Vida. They collaborated with influencers to hand out the accessories in different places all over the world. But not only do they take care of their jewelry brand and their staff, but they also pour their hearts out to the less fortunate lives. They have been collaborating with many charity organizations to donate the money which they earn from selling jewelry. So, by picking Pura Vida´s products, or in this case Pura Vida daisy jacket earrings, you are a part of the movement of making the world a better place.

Pura Vida´s products

As you already know, each jewelry brand strives for different goal and therefore, its products are also different, that makes each brand unique and the fashion world never becomes boring. So does Pura Vida. The brand offers many products of all kinds like bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc. Their products have two things in common: high quality and mini price tag. You won´t be able to find a single product that has low performance and durability. Most of their products are made of sterling silver or plated with sterling silver and rhodium. They are hypoallergenic, which means they perform nicely on daily use without causing irritation or allergy to customers. 

Pura Vida daisy jacket earrings

The designs, needless to say, are amazing while being quite minimal, but not too minimal. They are just enough to compliment you and make you stand out and at the same time they are not flashy and being in- the- face. What do you strive for? Simplicity or luxury? If simplicity is what you are looking for, then you are at the right place with Pura Vida.

Pura Vida daisy jacket earrings

Now that you know well about the brand, it´s time for us to get closer to the pair of earrings that you are here for: Pura Vida daisy jacket earrings. 

Pura Vida daisy jacket earrings

This is a pair of studs with the design of daisies. It is suitable for women or little girls since the design doesn´t direct to a specific age range, though it could be inelegant for women of older age. The design is simple and minimal, it goes great with many outfits and can be worn in any occasion. These earrings are made of 925 sterling silver which is safe for your skin and doesn´t irritate your ears. The material withstands tarnish and rust for a more sustainable use. Just like any other product of Pura Vida, Pura Vida daisy jacket earrings are handcrafted as well. Each pair is one of a kind and all meet the expectation of clients while respecting the art of the artisans. 

If you are looking for a gift for your loved one or even yourself, get this pair of daisy earrings now. No one can resist such a cute design that is suitable even for daily wear. It has its beauty, quality and sustainability. There is nothing more you can ask for from a pair of earrings.

Buy this cute and amazing product now to spoil yourselves or others, and of course, support the company with their sale and charity activities:

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