Cube earrings silver

Cube earrings silver have been rocking the jewelry industry since forever. Any elegant and classy lady must own a pair. They have presented in many fashion events and celebrities can´t pass on this design. Cube earrings silver are born to make you look sleek, gorgeous and fancy. And don´t worry about not being able to find a pair that compliments your facial features. There are many wonderful designs for cube earrings that it is guaranteed that you will find a pair that makes you look like a dream. 

Cube earrings can be dangles, drops or studs. Each shape has its own way to enhance the beauty of each lady. For example, dangles look perfect on ladies with short face shape, but on ladies with round face, dangles just simply are unflattering. Thus, it is important that you know how to choose your cube earrings silver correctly. With this article, Orcar will bring you everything you need to know about cube earrings silver and how to choose a pair can do a wonderful work on making you look classier and fancier. 

Which earring shape suits you the most?

Let´s started off with round face ladies. This face shape is known for being soft and feminine, but it lacks of angles and length. So the trick is to create a balance for your facial feature. To add length to a short round face, put on dangle earrings that don´t have round embellishments. That way you will make your facial features pop. Or you can make great use of studs, studs usually are flattering on any one. 

For ladies with square face, earrings that have angled geometrical shapes are not recommendable. Go for dangle earrings that are adorned with round beads or round embellishments in general. This will soften your facial features and form a nice balance. Thus, cube stud earrings aren´t the best design for square face. Always go for dangle cube earrings if you truly want to rock this design.

Finally, for ladies with oblong face, go for studs or drops. Dangle earrings are long and impressive, so if you choose dangles, they will draw even more attention to the length of your face. Short earrings are the most comfortable and flattering.

What are cube earrings silver?

This is a fashionable design that any lady can wear. There are two types of cube earrings. The first one has non- solid cubs made of metal and inside the cube, or the “cage”, is a crystal or any kind of stone. The second type of cube earrings is solid. In other words, you can´t see what is inside of the adornment. Cube earrings can be very simple or very vibrant and detailed. The simple designs use silver and clear stones to adorn the earrings. This is a light and soft combination that is just enough to make the lady shine. If your personal style is simple and elegant, and you don´t favor big jewelry, consider the monotone designs. On the other hand, there are many impressive pieces that bring the colors to life. If you have taste for extra jewelry, then this design suit you like a glove.

Cube earrings silver, as it is shown in the name, are crafted with silver which is a material that has grayish hue. This color enhances the beauty of fair skin ladies. Elegance, grace and magic. Cube earrings in silver can meet all your needs. But, this doesn´t mean that women with warm skin tone can´t rock this design. Search for cube earrings silver that is embellished with colorful stones. That way, the pair will still compliment your honey skin, despite the fact that it is made of silver.

Best collection of cube earrings silver at Orcar

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Cube earrings silver

Aren´t these cube earrings gorgeous? The cool combination between silver and blue Swarovski crystals attracts every single lady with fair skin. The blue stones are mysterious and charming as the ocean. This pair is simple but very classic and effective. You can match them with almost any outfit. It is perfect for formal events, family´s reunions, dates, etc. The closure is lever back, it claps tightly on the ears and it doesn´t fall off easily. The frame of the earrings is made of sterling silver so they are shiny and durable. The pair lasts for a longtime without being worn out.

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Cube earrings silver

Round face ladies will love this pair! These earrings might look like studs but they actually are clip on. The clips are designed delicately so that they seem transparent or even non- existed. You can´t even tell that they are clip on. The earrings are long, thus it is guaranteed that they look perfect on round face. The stones inside the cubs are clear- color zirconia crystals. They have the same shine as diamonds but at a widely affordable price. Plus, this pair only weighs 1gram! That is too light to be true. You won´t feel any discomfort while wearing it. Choosing gift for birthday is hard, but you don´t have to look any further because the answer is right here. The earrings can be worn by women or little girls, there is no age limit to this pair.

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Cube earrings silver

This pair is gorgeous as well. The iridescent color is flattering on all skin tones. Plus, this pair of studs goes well with all face shape. You don´t have to calculate if it suits you or not. The posts are made of copper alloy plated with white gold 3 times to prevent it from tarnishing and so the shine remains for a long time. The stones are Swarovski crystals as well. Everything about this pair makes them worth to be bought. So why don´t you shop them now?

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