You must own at least a pair of butterfly ear crawler earrings. These accessories are totally gorgeous and the design of butterfly is timeless. Many brands have chosen butterfly as their inspiration. They release many wonderful jewelry collections that shook the fashion world. From trendsetters to casual ladies, everyone wants a pair of butterfly ear crawler earrings. 

And just like any other item in the fashion world, there are many versions of butterfly earrings that satisfy different tastes and styles. If you think that butterfly only associates with feminine style and girls with chic choice of fashion can´t benefit from this, then you need to read this entire article. Any lady can find her one and only pair of butterfly earrings.

But why do they attract so much attention? Is there any meaning to them? What are the best butterfly earrings? Let´s find out the answer with ORCARJEWELRY.

The meaning of butterflies and how they represent themselves in the fashion world

In the nature, butterflies are known for being one of the prettiest insects. Truth be told, there is no butterfly that looks exactly the same as another. Each one has its own beauty and it is one of a kind. These small creatures represent the uniqueness that lies within each person. No one should look a certain way to be considered beautiful. Every shapes, sizes, colors are valuable and deserved to be loved equally. But not just the appearance, the message applies to the personality as well. As long as you keep making the world blossom with your grace, beauty and kind heart, you are unique in your own way. 

Butterflies also are a symbol of “break free”. By leaving the chrysalis, the butterflies leave behind limitation to embrace a bright future ahead. The image is very powerful. It teaches the mankind to leave behind what is holding them down and pursue their dream and passion. It´s time to start the spring of their life.

In the jewelry world, the figure of butterflies is applied to many designs. Most of them maintain their original form. Overall, the design has always been delivering its powerful message. Beauty, future, passion, effort, boldness, etc. Do you identify yourselves with these traits? If not, do you strive to achieve them?

 Top 3 best butterfly ear crawler earrings at ORCARJEWELY

At ORCARJEWELRY, we are inspired to provide the best products for our dearest customer. Check out these 3 gorgeous pairs of butterfly ear crawler earrings.

butterfly ear crawler earrings

This pair is suitable for women and girls. The color is soft and light. YOQUCOL designed these earrings using AB crystals, which are a type of clear- color crystal that is coated with iridescent color. With the number of stones on this pair, it will be impossible not to be sparkling when the light hits them. The pair is small in size and light in weight. Both sides combined only weigh 5 grams. That is extremely comfortable to wear, you won´t notice any irritation from wearing them all day long. Put them on for any occasion and be the center of the party.

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This pair of ear climbers is very elegant and glamorous. The body of the earrings is made of 925 sterling silver. This is a wonderful material for ladies who search for high- quality products at an affordable price. 925 sterling silver contains silver and other metals that help strengthen the structure of the pure silver. It is highly polished and won´t lose its shine through the passing time. Plus, the earrings are hypoallergenic. In other words, the material is safe for people with the most sensitive skin. The ear climbers weigh 4 grams in total, thus it is guaranteed that you will have the most comfortable wear ever. 

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butterfly ear crawler earrings

If you love natural design in general, add this set of two pairs in your earrings collection now. One pair is adorned with butterfly and the other is embellished with flowers. The bling is phenomenal. Both pairs are adorned with gorgeous rhinestones for an expensive look at a low price. This pair can be described with 3 words: extra, bright and fun. And if this is what you are looking for from your butterfly earrings then this pair belongs to you.

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Other cute butterfly earrings

butterfly ear crawler earrings

Do you prefer color? If the answer is yes then get your hand on this pair now. These are dangle earrings that tend to be extra impressive. The most notable detail about this pair is that it imitates the natural butterflies perfectly. It is always nice bringing a part of the nature with you and cooperate it to your outfit. Brighten the summer with this pair of butterfly earrings now.

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butterfly ear crawler earrings

This pair of studs will be a perfect gift for your daughter or little sister. Most kids love butterflies. So imagine giving this pair to them on their birthday. Sure enough it will put a big smile on their face. The color combination of the pair is wonderful. Pink and silver go well together. The pink color comes from the pink crystals and the silver color comes from the post back. It is made of 925 sterling silver for a sustainable use. Stud fits best with children since they tend to run around a lot, long and dangle earrings can accidentally harm them. 

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With this article, we hope that you have found some good pairs of butterfly ear crawler earrings. Not just butterfly, we own various designs that imitate creatures of the natural kingdom. Express your love for them with our earrings. 

ORCARJEWELRY provides the best products at a tiny price while having a wonderful customer service. So contact us if you need any support. Happy shopping with ORCAR. 

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