Calvin Klein saffiano leather tote review: Real or synthetic leather?

Calvin Klein saffiano leather tote review

Check out Calvin Klein saffiano leather tote review if you are looking for: a wallet to use daily; a Calvin Klein highly functional product; or a saffiano leather tote. This basic handbag has everything that a lady needs to store her most important documents, money and cards. Also, if you are a light traveler, big handbags aren’t the best choices since they take up much space. So why choosing them anyway? But what is “saffiano” leather? What are the characteristics of this material and is it real leather? Check out the pros and cons of this material and find out some of the best saffiano bags on the market.


Saffiano is a common material that usually can be spotted in many high-end lines of handbags. Firstly, it was mostly used by Prada since it was invented by this brand. But, the barrier extended and now, fashion lovers can easily find a saffiano handbag from famous brands like Michael Kors and Calvin Klein. The material is widely used in the high fashion industry thanks to its many strengths. One thing about saffiano leather that satisfies both cruelty-free fashion lovers and real leather lovers is that it can be made of faux or real leather. If the leather is authentic, then it is made of cow’s skin. Calvin Klein saffiano leather tote review has revealed many pros and cons of this product.


Saffiano leather can be made with real leather or faux leather. Users have control over the origin of the material and opt for what they feel the most comfortable with while using it

It is a durable and long-lasting material 

Has a beautiful surface with a cross-hatch pattern

Doesn’t suffer from discoloration easily

Scratch-proof thanks to the wax coat

Comes in many different colors


Doesn’t feel like real leather because of the man-made cross-hatch pattern and the coating technique. The color comes from an overall coating, not from the dyed leather.


There are various reasons why a handbag lover should go for leather handbags. Putting the authenticity of the leather aside, the leather designs look very chic and high-end. A leather wallet or handbag goes with almost every outfits, including the feminine ones. On the other hand, the chance for a leather handbag to go out of style is 0%. Such design has existed for hundreds of years and it still rocks the market. So if you are planning on buying a handbag or a wallet, it is recommendable that you look at those with leather products, synthetic or authentic. 


Calvin Klein saffiano leather tote review

Through the Calvin Klein saffiano leather tote review, it is guaranteed that cruelty-free fashion lovers will love this wallet. It is a high-end wallet made of high-quality synthetic saffiano leather. The wallet has a jet black color and outside it is embossed with Calvin Klein’s logo in golden color, which makes it stand out. The zipper also has a beautiful golden color. The cross-patch pattern is very noticeable and it has a semi-matte coating. The interior of the wallet includes 12 card holders, 1 zip pocket and 2 sections to slip the bills. The wallet is a full package and it offers separated sections so that the ladies can organize their personal items easily. Check out more features of this timeless Calvin Klein wallet at this link.


Not just Calvin Klein, ladies can find many other fashion brands that make great use of the leather to craft simple, minimal and highly functional designs. The best leather is the real leather. It has an amazing lifespan. If you treat the product with care, it is very likely that you can use it for the entire life. Therefore, if you don’t have any problem with real leather, always consider investing in an authentic leather wallet. Even though it costs more, no doubt it is a good investment. So, check out these authentic leather designs. 

Calvin Klein saffiano leather tote review

Another saffiano leather wallet for special ladies. In modern days, the phone is the tool that everyone must bring with. And holding a wallet and a phone at the same time can be very uncomfortable. Michael Kors signature wallet fixes that. The interior of the wallet features not only the basic sections for cards and money, but also a phone pocket. The pocket can fit a 6 inches phone easily. The wallet is very travel friendly thanks to this extra phone pocket. So if you want to own a compact wallet, go to this link and purchase it now.

Calvin Klein saffiano leather tote review

Fossil always comes through with their leather designs. And the Fossil clutch bags don’t stray from the road either. The interior of this wallet includes 12 sections for cards, 1 ID window,2 bill slips and 2 zipper pockets. At first glance, ladies can tell that it has a very retro look, but it doesn’t seem dated at all. That is the reason why Orcar Jewelry also advises you to go for basic design, especially when choosing a leather wallet. A leather product is supposed to last for a lifetime. So don’t pick wallets with dramatic decorations that are on trend. On the other hand, this wallet is perfect for vintage clothing. So if that is what you are looking for from a leather product, this is the one. Buy the wallet at this link.

Calvin Klein saffiano leather tote review

A black Fossil zip wallet is what you need for an unlimited possibility of styling outfits. Black and gold are a combination of glam and timeless. This wallet goes with any outfit of any color.  About the interior of the wallet, it includes 12 card slips, 1 ID window, 1 zipper pocket and 2 bill slots. The exterior of the wallet includes a zipper pocket as well. This wallet also features an RFID protection for users who have contactless cards. It will protect them from digital scams and avoid the loss of money without knowing. Therefore, you can say that this wallet not only is chic but also is extremely useful. Buy the product now at this link.

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