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If there is something that most of little girls like, it is bunny earrings. Bunny is a cute animal that related to many thinks that all children love. At Easter, kids run around to search for the eggs and a rabbit would give them a present. Rabbits also are wonderful pets for many young girls because they are cute and fluffy. In the famous movie Alice in Wonderland, Mr. Rabbit is a goofy character that little girls love. There are so many reasons for kids to like rabbits and want to own something rabbit- related. And therefore, bunny earrings will be a great choice for your daughter, sister or any little princess on Children´s Day.

There are many occasions for adults to spoil their kids, but on their birthday, Christmas and children´s day, the thrill becomes a little bit more intense. And if they have been behaving well, why can´t Santa come more than one time per year. You can spoil your little princess with a pair of bunny earrings and surly this will put a smile on the angel´s face.

Bunny earrings seem cool, right? But why should we choose them? Is there any other design for little girls´ earrings? Continue to read and we will give you all the details that you need to know. Let us help you choose the best gift for your girl on Children´s Day. 

Why bunny earrings are one of the best candidates for you to choose?

Needless to say, with such cute design, bunny earrings fit girls at young age. But do you know that there are some deep meanings to them? Even though the kid doesn´t know or understand it, you can still pour your heart out and send the love and thought to her through the bunny earrings.

The rabbit represents the inner power that everyone has but not all know how to use it wisely. The rabbit overcomes fear to walk away from it and search for happy moments. It also represents cleverness and creativity. Children who identify their spiritual animal as rabbit are rich in imagination and they are smart. What else can parents ask for? But there is more to it, rabbits and bunnies are quick, they respond very fast when encounter something that surprises them, good or bad. 

There are many great things we can learn from this small and simple animal. And parents can transmit this message through a pair of bunny earrings

Bunny earrings in Orcarjewelry

In Orcajewelry we have 2 wonderful designs of bunny earrings for girls. 

bunny earring

This pair of bunny earrings is too lovely to be true. They are clip on that is extremely comfortable and doesn´t require you to piece your ears. If your little angel is afraid of pain or has sensitive skin that can´t take any scratch, this pair is designed for her. It is also plated with silver so it doesn´t wear out quickly. The dangle effect is fun and suitable for special days. The girl will love this design because it is not something she can wear every day. We recommend that you pick stud earrings for your little girl if you are looking for an accessory that is convenient for daily wear. But dangle earrings are unique, fun and special. A gift for the child on such an amazing day should be impressive. And a pair of dangles sure is very impressive. Also, the charms are painted by hand for an organic look. Nice bunny earrings for your girl.

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bunny earring

This is a pair of stud earrings for little girls that is super fun. It is hard to find a piece like this. The design is not basic and subtle at all. Each side has a different design which creates an interesting unbalanced effect. One stud has the shape of a bunny adorned with a giant polish pearl while the pink and ivory colors compliment each other perfectly. The other stud has the shape of a carrot. It is simple and lovely. This pair is lightweight so your princess will have a comfortable wear. The brand uses lead- free and nickel- free material to create these bunny earrings. The reviews reflect the quality of them as well. Customers said that their daughter and granddaughter were excited to receive the gift and later refused to take the earrings off. Talking about how little girls love bunny. 

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Other cute earrings for little girls

bunny earring

Mickey and Minnie Mouse have been a part of the childhood of many kids in the world. And it is easy to understand that they also take part in the jewelry world of children. Mickey is designed with his signature red shorts. Minnie wears her big red bow and polka dot red dress. They are made of brass plated with silver for a more durable use. Thanks to their small size, they are lightweight and can be worn all day long without annoying your little girl. There could be so many wonderful moments with this pair of earrings, a trip to Disney Land with themed- outfit is a great idea.

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bunny earring

This is another pair with a design that resembles the Mickey Mouse. However, it has a touch of glamour to it. The earrings are adorned with bright- color stones. In the center is a green Swarovski Crystals that shine brightly. The ears are also decorated with crystals. The overall design is glamorous without losing the childlike vibe of a piece of jewelry for kids. The metal part is high- quality alloy plated with platinum that is hypoallergenic, which means it is safe for your kid to put on this pair of earrings. 

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So, have you been able to choose bunny earrings for your princess? If you need our support, don´t hesitate and comment down below or contact us.

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