What makes blue topaz earrings desirable for ladies with royal taste

Do you know that you can easily go from a 7 to a 10 with a pair of blue topaz earrings? Blue topaz earrings have always been on the list of fancy and royal- looking accessories. Any lady with a love for elegant clothing will fall madly in love with it at first glance. But there is more to discover about blue topaz earrings. Alongside the beautiful and polished appearance, topaz also is a gemstone that contains a powerful spiritual energy. Sounds magical enough? Continue to read and you will find some details about topaz earrings quite intriguing.

Topaz’s colors and how their magic works in the law of ‘feng shui’

Interesting enough, there are more than one shade of topaz. These gemstones come in different colors like pink, yellow, white, green or blue. Therefore, you have a wide range of color options. And just like clothes, the color and the shape perform distinctively on different skin tones. Hot colors like pink, yellow or red compliment warm skin beautifully and cool colors like blue, green, white make fair skin glow. Choose your gemstone’s color wisely so that your styling game is even more on point. 

On the other hand, in many cultures, people believe that the color of the stones can affect the luck and energy of the human being. According to the rule of ‘feng shui’, a study originated from China, the color of the stones represents a certain element that can strengthen or weaken our internal energy. There are five elements in total: metal, tree, fire, water, earth and the colors that represent them in order are yellow, blue, green, red and brown. If your representative element is earth, you shouldn’t wear blue topaz earrings since earth blocks the water, which is blue. 

So who can wear blue topaz earrings according to feng shui? Our ladies with the spirit of the tree and water can step forward. Blue topaz earrings are perfect for your soul. And Orcar Jewelry is here to deliver the best styles so that the piece “jack up” your appearance as well. 

The spiritual power of blue topaz earrings

Blue topaz represents the intelligence and beauty. Those with a loyal heart can use topaz as a method of transmitting their pure sentiment and intention. Topaz chase away nightmares, it helps you relax and feel peaceful. Topaz blocks the way of fire, since its color is blue which represent water. In other words, blue topaz relieves anger and uneasiness within the mind. This gemstone truly is the symbol of peace. Also, topaz can be quite helpful when it comes to health. It is said that this gemstone can make the digesting system work better and help lose weight. Isn’t that exciting?

 So could benefit the most from blue topaz earrings? Putting the style aside, we recommend blue topaz earrings to ladies who are feeling uneasy in her daily life. Use topaz as a way to find your balance and peacefulness. Regain your composure and so does your health. Plus, anyone’s mood surely will become positive when buying themselves a good pair of earrings. Reward yourselves sometimes with quality pieces of jewelry.

Elegant blue topaz earrings presented to you by Orcar Jewelry

Now that you have known some interesting facts about topaz, let’s find out how it is used in the world of earrings. Each piece is crafted skillfully and carefully so that both the material and the design reflect the elegance and fanciness that we are looking for.

The first pair of blue topaz earrings has many complicated details which make the earrings a masterpiece. In the center lies a beautiful blue topaz. The size of each topaz is 5x7mm, just enough to catch all stares and light. Around the center of attention are small “supporters” aka cubic zirconia in clear color. The stones are placed on top of shiny 925 sterling silver which is nickel and lead free. The stone and the metal compliments each other nicely. The combination of color brings an elegant but cool vibe to the piece and it is totally perfect for ladies with fair skin. These earrings have post back – a secure design that helps the earrings cling on the earlobes. These studs are perfect for every face shape. If you find this pair gorgeous enough to be added in your collection, purchase it now at this link. https://orcarjewelry.com/womens-earrings/jewelpin-simplistic-natural-gemstone-sterling-silver-earrings-for-women/

Price: $39.99

These blue topaz earrings are fun and chic. Young ladies will fall in love with this pair of blue topaz earrings in the shape of snowflakes. The earrings are adorned with simulated sapphire and blue topaz. The difference between colors makes a hypnotizing visual effect. These stones make a lovely birthday gift for people who are born in December or September. The body of the earrings is made of brass plated in rhodium for a rush- resistant effect. Rhodium is a wonderful material that gives the metal a polished look at an affordable price. These earrings are for non- pierced ears. Simply clip the earrings on and they will stay put all day long. Just in case you get aches from wearing earrings, this pair is very light and comfortable to wear. The total weight is 3.72 grams, very impressive for a pair of clip on earrings. If you want to own this pair, buy them now at this link.


Price: $32.98

The design of blue topaz earrings is fine and classy. Dress up for a formal event or even family’s parties. Mix and match them with white outfit and you will achieve the full effect. These accessories can also be worn at workplace, giving that they are formal – looking. You don’t have to worry about your earrings looking too controversial or too flashy. Pick a good pair and you are good to go. Who says quarantine doesn’t allow ladies to dress nicely?

Please contact Orcar Jewelry if you have any trouble with your blue topaz earrings. Our team is always ready to support.

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