Best turquoise earrings and how to recognize fake turquoise

If you are a boho girl but you don´t own a pair of turquoise earrings in your collection, that will be a huge mistake. Wearing boho outfit with sporty or chic and urban earrings should be illegal. There is a gap that needs to be filled. And Orcar Jewelry is here to show you our mesmerizing turquoise earrings that surely will make your heart throb. These earrings come in so many different shapes and sizes, which gives every lady a huge variety of choices. Complete your boho earrings collection with these wild accessories and you will find your future outfits look even more spot on.

Are turquoise earrings made of real turquoise?

In the world of precious gemstones, turquoise is on the list of those that are the most affordable. A carat of turquoise can range from 1$ to 1000$, depends on the quality of the stone. Only turquoises that have the best quality and rarest beauty can reach the price tag 1000$ per carat. In other words, turquoise can easily be found in its natural state but retail at an extremely affordable price. There are real turquoise earrings of nice quality that cost only around 40 or 50 US dollars. The stones are in perfect condition and designed to accompany sterling silver. This combo is perfect for a quality jewelry shopping session with a limited budget.

How to tell if the turquoise earrings are fake

There are some tricks that can be helpful when you buy turquoise earrings. Exists a material that is used to replace turquoise in cheaper pieces: howlite. This can be a nice or bad thing depends on your need and what you are looking for. If the lady is only looking for the similar appearance, howlite is the best choice. Because of its similarity to turquoise and low price, it is favored in the jewelry world. But if you are looking for authentic turquoise earrings, here are the tips that can help you recognize them.

  • Scratch the stone: Howlite has a softer texture than real turquoise. If you scratch the jewelry and notice the lack of hardness in the texture of the stone, there is a chance that the “turquoise” is actually howlite. 
  • Use acetone: Acetone is a well – known product that is commonly used in the beauty industry. Its mission is to remove nail polish, and in this case, dye. Howlites are naturally white and they are dyed with paint to have the same color as turquoise. Use acetone and rub them on the stone that you doubt of its authenticity. If the cloth gets stained with blue hue, the stone is dyed howlite.
  • The vein is not the key: Not all turquoises have black matrix veins. Sometimes they only have a blue color. So you can´t say that the stones that don´t have black veins are fake turquoise. And vice versa, howlites with black veins are still howlites, they don´t easily pass as turquoise just because of this detail. But keep in mind that fake turquoises don´t have natural- looking lines. Look carefully and you will find an evidence that gives the fake stone away.

Best turquoise earrings for boho girls

It´s time to meet some of our best candidates. These turquoise earrings are elaborate and vibrant. Some of them are adorned with real turquoise, some aren´t. We will make sure to note this detail so you can find your favorite pair that can meet your need.

A simple but fancy pair. These accessories are designed by Navajo. They are decorated with REAL turquoises and spiny oyster shell. Since the turquoise is real, the matrix veins vary and don´t look similar one to another. The colors play with your eyes and they compliment every skin tones. The blue turquoises enhance the beauty of fair skin and the red spiny oyster shells compliment rich warm skin. They are attached to a sterling silver body in dangle shape. The shape elongates round and square face and enhances the beauty of these face shapes. The earrings are of high quality and not only boho girls love them, ladies with vintage taste also enjoy such design. The pair weighs 2.8 grams, very comfortable for a long time wear. Purchase this pair of turquoise earrings now at this link.

A rustic and vintage pair of simulated turquoise earrings can always do the trick. The simulated turquoises resemble the real gemstones, but the matrix veins show that they are lab- made since the pattern is similar. The design can´t be more simple but it leaves a timeless impression on all wearer. The metal body is made of sterling silver of high quality. It is lead free, nickel free and durable. Such material is perfect for ladies with sensitive skin. Those that have allergy to nickel and lead won´t have to worry about these pieces of jewelry. The hook closures are secure and don´t fall off easily. The drop shape of the earrings makes them suitable for ladies with square or long face. Add a boho and vintage touch to your outfit and you are good to go. Buy this pair here at this link.

These hoops are decorated with compressed turquoises and they look amazing. Compressed turquoises are authentic, but they are treated with different chemicals to achieve a beautiful color and state. Sterling silver also is used to create this pair. Sterling silver is so favored in the craft of turquoise earrings because the silver tone and the blue tone complete each other. Small, simple and expensive – looking. What more can we ask from a pair of earrings? And if you are looking for a birthday gift or a present for an anniversary, turquoise is the birthstone of December. Get her a pair of earrings adorned with these gems will show that you care and pay attention to details. Buy them now before they go out of stock at this link.

Get your hands on these accessories now before they vanish from our website. And if there is anything else about turquoise earrings that make you curious, leave the comment down below and our support team will come to rescue. 

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