Pavoi pearl drop earrings

Pavoi pearl drop earrings are one of the best designs in the kingdom of pearl earrings. Pearl has always been known as a part of the “Holy Trinity” where diamond, sapphire and pearl itself rule the jewelry world. Each has its own uniqueness and brings different kinds of beauty. Diamonds are fancy and luxurious. Sapphires are passionate and mysterious. Pearls are graceful and vintage. Any piece of jewelry, with a touch of pearl, will look vintage and classy even if it is designed with modern details. That is the beauty of pearls. 

Pearls are for elegant ladies that strive for a light and feminine look. Pearls are classic but they don´t ever go out of style. If you are searching for jewelry that is timeless in design and durable in material, then this earrings collection is the right one for you. But why should you choose Pavoi pearl drop earrings? Are there any other pearl earrings that worth the while? Let´s find out with ORCARJEWELRY. 

Get to know Pavoi

 Pavoi is a young jewelry company founded in 2015 by Tal Masica and Zeke Araki. The two childhood friends come from two different families, but both have the same interest, which is jewelry. Masica and Araki´s fathers both have worked in the jewelry industry for many years and thus, Masica and Araki started taking interest from there. They started off their business on Amazon and everything has gone smoothly from there. The company grew bigger and bigger and in 2019, Forbes made an article about them as one of a few self-made brands that was worth over 5 million dollars. They extended Pavoi by creating their own website where they sold thousands of products. Now, Pavoi is a chic jewelry brand that offers bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. 

Their products are truly amazing and the quality is top- notch. Not just the designs but the materials are wonderful as well. Pavoi goes for a simple but effective style that suits anybody. The designers make great use of 14K gold. Most of their products are made of or plated with this precious metal. But one thing we know for sure is that all of their jewelry is hypoallergenic and is safe for ladies with the most sensitive skin.

Pavoi pearl drop earrings for a classic look in 2020

Even though there are many new trends and styles that appear in these recent years, classic designs remain timeless and unshakeable in the heart of fashion lovers. And Pavoi pearl drop earrings do their justice perfectly. The design is simple and minimal yet effective and elegant. It is not too plain or boring. It is just enough to make the lady glow without looking like she has put too much thought on her outfit. Pavoi uses freshwater pearls or shell pearls to adorn these pieces of jewelry. Freshwater pearls are grown in pearl farms, but instead of in tap water, they are grown in lakes or rivers. Shell pearls are made of a substance in oyster ‘shell. It is ground into powder and shaped into pearl shape. Finally, it is coated with natural pearl and a protecting coat for a high shine and durable use. Even though shell pearls don´t have such high quality as freshwater pearls, but they tend to be more durable and harder to break. So, what is your preference? Choose right now with these two amazing Pavoi pearl drop earrings designs.

Pavoi pearl drop earrings

Isn´t this gorgeous. This pair of shell pearls is phenomenal. It is simple, elegant while being fun to look at. Each side contains one pearl and one cubic zirconia. Such subtle details combine together and create an amazing piece of jewelry. The earrings have dangle shape that swings around when you move. Such classic but young look can´t be missed. The metal part of the earrings is made of 925 sterling silver plated in rhodium for a long- lasting effect. It is 100% nickel- free, lead- free and hypoallergenic. If your skin is sensitive and irritated easily then this pair is perfect for you. 

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Pavoi pearl drop earrings

This pair of earrings is embellished with freshwater cultured pearls. The drops are nicely placed for a classic and timeless look. The closure is leverback, made of sterling silver plated with rhodium. Match this pair with white or off- white clothes, it is a perfect combination. Plus, you don´t have to worry if this pair is suitable for formal places or events. This design has gone through time and proved to be quite versatile. Wear them from your workplace or conference to family´s party and birthdays. 

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Other gorgeous pearls earrings design

Pavoi´s designs are subtle and simple, which is perfect for ladies with a taste for minimal style. But if you want designs that are extravagant and impressive, check out these pairs below.

Pavoi pearl drop earrings

These earrings are detailed and luxurious. Each side contains various crystals that highlight the shine of the accessory. The protagonist is the two glass pearls that look classic and elegant. They are decorated with Swarovski crystals for a modern touch. Classic and modern, elegant and fun. No one can miss this versatile pair. 

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Pavoi pearl drop earrings

Flowers and pearls, both are timeless figures. Everything about these earrings shows great attention to details. The pearl, the gold metal, the petals made of flat pearls and the shiny zirconia crystals. All are extremely complicated and require exquisite craftmanship. The studs are made of sterling silver coated in gold for an expensive look. You will fall in love with this pair immediately.

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With this article, we hope that some high- quality pairs of pearl earrings have captured your attention. Give your outfit an upgrade and enhance your beauty now. 

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