Are surgical steel earrings better than sterling silver earrings?

Surgical steel earrings

Surgical steel isn´t only used in the healthcare system but it also is beneficial in the world of jewelry. Surgical steel earrings are go- to items for ladies of all ages because of its safety. This material is perfect for those who have an allergy to some certain kinds of materials that can be seen easily in jewelry. But what makes this alloy so favorable among jewelry lovers who have sensitive skin? And sterling silver has some similar traits to surgical steel as well, do they work the same way? There is a lot to discover about this wonderful material. Let´s get to know it and find out the difference between this alloy and sterling silver.

What are surgical steel earrings?

Surgical steel earrings are made of top quality stainless steel. Since stainless steel doesn´t get tarnished through time, surgical steel can easily be sorted in this group of alloys. But not every type of stainless steel can be considered surgical steel. This metal serves especially in the medical industry and it must meet every requirement of being safe, rust- resist and durable. Surgical steel mostly consists of iron. Chromium, nickel, titanium later are added in the alloy to strengthen the texture and make it totally rust- resist.

This alloy is perfect for jewelry making. Ladies who have skin conditions can trust this material. It is irritation free and it is also perfect for piercing. In many piercing workshops, surgical steel is the favorite material among piercers. They recommend the most the surgical steel since it is safe, irritation free and it doesn´t get tarnished by the blood or liquid that the pierced holes discharge. This is the material that has the greatest ability in corrosion resistance.

The difference between surgical steel earrings and sterling silver earrings

Sterling silver earrings are also rust- resist, it is irritation free as well. So what is the difference between these two materials? The major difference lies in the main components of these alloys. Sterling silver is an alloy that consists of 92.5% of genuine silver and 7.5% of other elements like nickel, lead, titanium, etc that help strengthen the metal. Silver is known to be a soft material that breaks easily, to keep the jewelry piece durable and long- lasting, it is crucial that the silver is accompanied by other metals. Sterling silver is a lot more durable than pure silver and it is cheaper as well. If the lady loves silver and the metal complements her skin tone, sterling silver is a genius choice. 

But, silver might not the best metal for many ladies. The precious metal sometimes cause allergic reaction and irritate the skin. Therefore, the main difference between surgical steel and sterling silver is that sterling silver isn´t suitable for all ladies. Though it is clear that the metal has a silver shine that is extremely beautiful. So if you love the beauty of silver but is allergic to it, go for surgical steel. Surgical steel earrings are a great option. It also has a silverish finish and it is irritation free. Choose earrings that complements you appearance and is safe at the same time. 

The best surgical steel earrings in Orcar Jewelry

Safe and pretty. There is nothing more you can ask from a pair of earrings. Check out this gorgeous surgical steel earrings collection. The designs and styles are chic and fashionable. These earrings are to die for.

Surgical steel earrings

There is nothing wrong pursuing a bit of luck. These four leaves clover earrings are cute and perfect for casual daily wear. The hooks facilitate the wear and the lady can easily put the earrings on without any difficulty. The entire body of the earrings is made of surgical steel that doesn´t contain lead. If lead is your enemy that always cause you allergic reaction, this pair will chase it away. The pair is handcrafted for an organic look and an exclusive feel. Add these earrings to your collection, who knows, your luck might even go up high. Check out this link to purchase the products.

Surgical steel earrings

This pair of 316L surgical steel studs are perfect for after piercing experience. The small and dainty appearance of the pair allows it to sit nicely on the newly pierced ear. It is made of 316L surgical steel. There are different types of surgical steel and this is the most high- end one. It is 100% body friendly and it is adored by jewelry lovers all over the world. The material is even used to create tools and gadgetS in the military. The designer recommends that you use the pair for cartilage piercing, but a common lobe piercing is suitable as well. If you are looking for a high- quality pair of earrings right after piercing, choose this one. Buy the pair at this link.

Surgical steel earrings

A perfect pair for young girls. These earrings are made of wood, surgical steel and resin. The wood is laser cut for a smooth edge. The posts are made of surgical steel for sensitive skin. And the top of the earrings is cover in resin for a glossy finish. The shine of the glitter is accentuated by the blue resin. This pair is perfect for little girls to wear daily. It won´t restrict her movement and daily activities. The gorgeous little princess will feel more than confident with this pair on. Buy it now here.

Surgical steel earrings

Pin earrings are a fun and young design. They are entirely made of surgical steel and they are adorned with shiny and small cubic zirconias. The posts are relatively small comparing to the main decorative pieces. But that doesn´t make the pair uncomfortable to wear since the main pieces are very lightweight. This typical surgical steel is lead free, nickel free, cadmium free. These earrings are not only fashionable but also they are meaningful. The design at first didn´t have any significant meaning, but in 2017, it was used as the symbol of a movement where people showed support toward the LGBT+ community. Who says earrings are just for show? Buy the pair now at this link.

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