Are sapphire earrings expensive? Fun facts about sapphires

Sapphire earrings

Sapphire earrings are one of the most majestic gemstones in the world. These earrings have been gracefully blessing the jewelry world for hundreds of years. Not as extravagant as diamond, sapphire possess a stunning blue color that is as calm as the ocean. But beneath the surface lies an unknown power that is wilder than any natural force. Sapphire is the perfect birthstone for September, the month of Virgos. The stone represents loyalty and trust and these traits coincident the personality of Virgos perfectly. Let´s get to know some fun facts about this precious gemstone and find out the answer to “Are sapphire earrings expensive?”

Fun facts about sapphires

  • Sapphires were found before diamonds

Sapphires have had a history of thousands of years, these stones was first found far back in 800 B.C, even though it is obvious that the gemstones have been developing even before this year. To many surprises, diamonds were found later than sapphires. The earliest diamonds were mined in India around 300 B.C. Later more diamonds were transported between China and India through the silk road. So, even though nowadays, the diamonds are very famous for their genuine shine, it is a fact that these precious stones were found later than the glamorous sapphires.

  • The most expensive sapphire jewelry is called Blue Belle of Asia 

The name of the piece reflects its quality and beauty. This gem has the most pristine clarity ever and its blue color is the most perfect shade. “Belle” refers to a beautiful women and the world fits the appearance of the gemstone perfectly. The stone was found in Sri Lanka, Asia in 1926. The stone is spotted on a diamond necklace, the color of the sapphire and smaller diamonds complement each other harmoniously. The piece broke the record for its price in 2014, it was sold for over 17 million dollars.

  • Sapphires don´t just come in blue

There are many different colors of sapphires. But the blue tone is the most prestigious one and it is the easiest one to find. There are many colors of sapphire: pink, green, violet, black, yellow, etc. Each has its own flair and beauty.

  • The rarest sapphires are orange- pink 

Since it is not hard to encounter a good blue sapphire, it is not a rare tone. The rarest sapphires are padparadscha sapphires. These stones have a beautiful color that is a mix of pink and orange. It is extremely mesmerizing and magical. Thanks to their rarity, these stones are hunted by many gemstone lovers and they retail at a crazily high price. However, not many have found a padparadscha that is big in size. It is rare to find a padparadscha that weights more than 2 carats.

Are sapphire earrings expensive?

Through all the facts above, it is safe to say that sapphires are expensive gemstones. The hardness of sapphires on the Mohs scale ranks at 9, only after diamonds. Therefore, this precious gem is suitable for daily jewelry and it won´t even break from impacts. Rings, earrings, bracelets are all perfect for a sapphire. Since the price is sky- high, not many can afford a 100% authentic and natural sapphires. This is when simulated sapphires come in handy. These gems are created by scientists. They combine the chemical elements that form natural sapphires and create man- made ones. The price of these pieces of jewelry is relatively lower. Thus, they are more affordable and accessible for every lady. 

Best sapphire earrings collection in Orcar Jewelry  

Check out these amazing created sapphire earrings. We order them from low to high price so that you can easily find your perfect pair. Fall in love with these earrings now with Orcar Jewelry.

Sapphire earrings

A dainty pair is pretty and perfect for daily wear. Especially when it is crafted in the most skillful and secure way ever. Firstly, this is a pair of studs that is very elaborate in design. It consists of two parts: the ear climber and the drop piece. The entire ear climber is adorned in blue simulated sapphires and these stones are accompanied by smaller clear- color cubic zirconias. The drop piece is decorated with a big transparent stone that has a pretty shine. The earrings aren´t as big as the picture shows, they are only about 3cm long. 

Secondly, the frame of the earrings is crafted carefully and luxuriously. The frame is made of 925 silver plated in three layers of metal: silver, rhodium and platinum. The shine is pristine, the durability is guaranteed. The pair also is lead free and nickel free. Forget about your allergy with this pair, it will pamper your ears softly. Purchase the pair now at this link.

Sapphire earrings

This timeless beauty is what ladies with delicate taste strive for. This pair of leverback earrings is only over 1.5 cm long. Therefore, the pair is super lightweight and comfortable to wear daily. Such a beautiful product is perfect for all ages. The center of attention lies in the two blue sapphires. Their beauty is boosted even higher thanks to the small cubic zirconias above them. The leverback offers secure and easy closure. The metal used to create this pair also is 925 silver. The design is flattering for all face shapes and it will never go out of style. You can mix and match this pair with any type of outfits and it will complement them without any problem. Buy the pair now at this link.

Sapphire earrings

Quality is what these opaque sapphire earrings have. The stones weigh 18 carats and they are 100% natural sapphires. The gems are cut in pear shape and they are treated with heat for a more gorgeous appearance. The frame of the earrings is made of sterling silver. In the middle of the earrings are two beads made of 14K gold. The leverback closure offers a secure hold that ensures you won´t lose this quality pair. And the dainty size of the earrings is comfortable guaranteed. If you have eyes for luxurious jewelry, don´t miss out on this pair. Buy it now here at this link.

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