Always choose statement earrings when you go to any event

Statement earrings

Statement earrings are extra and they can easily leave an impression on anyone. These earrings might not be the most suitable for daily wear but at any event, they make the lady the star of the party. These accessories are beautiful, elaborate and very efficient. They give a polish and well- dressed appearance while the lady doesn´t have to put in too much work. A simple gown and a pair of extravagant earrings are more than enough for any event. But how should you choose your earrings? This is the question that many ladies don´t have the answer to. Let Orcar Jewelry guide you through this journey of pretty outfits and very eye- catching earrings.

What are statement earrings?

From their name only, it is easy to tell that these earrings are eye- catching. Their purpose is to leave an unforgettable impression on any person. These earrings usually are adorned with many decorative pieces to add more layers and more shine to the pair. Statement earrings are very diverse because they come in many different styles like boho, chic, urban, sporty, elegant, etc. It is impossible not to find a pair that suits your taste perfectly. On the other hand, this type of earrings are more appropriate for special events like parties, red carpets, proms, pageants or date nights. Hence, statement earrings aren´t very comfortable to wear daily. But if this gorgeous style of accessory makes you feel like yourself the most, don´t hold back your extra inner self and go all out.

How to create an outfit with statement earrings 

You can easily come up with an outfit that looks effortless but extra at the same time. With a pair of earrings that has many details and decorative pieces, the outfit should be simple and neat. The fashion world has a balance rule that assures every outfit is pleasing to wear and to observe. The most important factors that make a great outfit are accessories and clothing items. If your clothing items are simple or even plain, a set of elaborate accessories will give the outfit a good touch and balance the overall look. Vice versa, if your clothing items are extravagant and are adorned with beads, pearls, rhinestones, crystals, laces, etc, it is recommendable that the jewelry is simple. The more minimal it is, the better the outfit will turn out looking like.  

How to choose statement earrings that suit your facial features

Statement earrings are either drops or dangles. Drops are a little bit shorter than dangles and this small difference can make a huge impact on each lady´s face shape. Dangles suit short face shapes better which include round and square faces. The length of the dangles helps elongate the facial features of the ladies with short faces and make them look more symmetrical. Drops are shorter and they fit better the long face shape. The wideness of the main pieces can balance the length of the face and give it a touch of joy and energy. Choose the correct earring designs to enhance your beauty instead of making them clash. 

Statement earrings best sellers

It is impossible not to fall in love with statement earrings. These are wonderful designs and each has its own uniqueness and flair. Find your meant- to- be accessories and rock any special event with them.

Statement earrings

Who says elegant earrings can´t be impactful. This pair is what dreams are made of for ladies with a taste for romantic and feminine jewelry. The design imitates a tree branch decorated with crystals and pearls. The pearls are authentic freshwater pearls that have a luxurious appearance. The stones and pearls are supported by a high- quality frame plated in 14K yellow gold. Every detail is well- thought and elaborated. The placement is mesmerizing and the quality is undeniable. This pair is a classy candidate for weddings, dates, pageants and it goes best with long face. Buy the pair at this link.

Statement earrings

Czech glass pearls, 24k gold, semi- precious stones, hypoallergenic posts. Those are the “ingredients” used to create this masterpiece. These earrings are designed by Ben-Amun, a brand that specifies in mid- end and high- end products. You can´t say no to this mid- end pair of earrings with a boho/vintage touch. Every little adornment is precious and it adds up to the amazing quality that these earrings possess. The frame of the earrings is plated in 24K yellow gold and the golden color boosts the glam and luxury of the overall look. The pearls are the center of attention since they occupy the entire surface of the earrings. The semi- precious stones are big in size and their colors are subtle and vintage. Since the combination of the adornments is full of color, this pair goes best with white outfit. Ladies with round or square face will look extra lovely with this pair on. Click the link to purchase this high- end pair of statement earrings.

Statement earrings

Snake pattern is in right now. 2020 has been a great year for serpent pattern earrings since anyone can spot this design on the street. The design of this pair has taken advantage of the snake pattern and create a cool and urban vibe. The entire body of the snakes is covered in black rhinestones. And on top of that are two black rectangular stones that boost the extra of the earrings. These statement earrings have an urban and dark vibe to them. If you find this style suit you best, buy these accessories now at this link.

Statement earrings

If you have eyes for boho earrings, don´t miss out on this pair of parrot earrings. The parrots are absolutely gorgeous. They are covered in shiny beads of many colors that represent perfectly the tropical vibe. On the bottom, there are many layers of tassels made of threads in different colors. This pair can be described as vibrant and fun. The materials are hypoallergenic and won´t cause you skin irritation. Buy them now at this link.

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