R’Patriots Unisex Self-Protecting Baseball Cap with TPU Shield and Extender Hook Adjustable Hat for Adults Kids Men and Women

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100% Cotton
Double Ring closure


PRODUCT NAME:  Dust-Proof Baseball Cap 

MATERIAL: Cotton (Cap), TPU (Shield)


  • Parcel Detail

Baseball Cap*1

TPU Sheild*1


  • Self-Protecting Solutions in Public

Life has undergone upheaval.

Just regain lifestyle via R’Patriots self-protecting cap.

Let’s be closer to our friends, be more friendly to strangers, and be more at ease with our family every time we go out.

R’Patriots designed the TPU shield to be 15 inches long and 10 1/2 inches wide, so that it can fit snugly with the brim at an ingenious angle, thus forming a semi-closing space. 

In addition, users can adjust the position of the TPU shield longitudinally according to their own ideas to meet different needs.

  • Provides More Comfortable Dual Cover Possibility

R‘Patriots also considered that you might need double covers or take off the TPU shield.

After discussing various possibilities and making 5 improvements to the design, the designers of R’Patriots chose to add a device called “Extender Hook” to the baseball cap.

Extender Hook is precisely positioned 1/2 inch above your ear on the cap.

With this device, you can comfortably enjoy the benefits from other cover equipment and avoid the pain caused by the straps of covers.

  • It Will Be Your Strong and Fearless Testimony During This Time

Human beings will always come out of pain and embrace a better future.

After the trouble has gone, the R‘Patriots baseball hat will still be qualified to accompany you to any place.

Classic and innovative design, 100% cotton fabric, and 10 stitches per inch quality, even without the face shield, this R’Patriots baseball cap is still superior in quality and sufficient for long-term use.

100% Cotton
Double Ring closure
Dry Clean Only
【FULL COVER】Let us be more intimate with friends! 15 x 10 1/2 inch detachable shield pad and the right length of the brim of cap will keep you away from the potential dangers, especially the drops from others. Just calmly say “Bless you”.
【STRAP HOOK】 Provide double protection scheme! The extender hook on the baseball cap will help you add a second layer of cover for yourself without the pain to your ears from the straps.
【COMFORTABLE HAT】After save you, still serving you! The sewing of 10 stitches per inch gives it durability, 100% cotton fabric gives it comfort, and the proportion design modified more than 5 times gives it beauty and practicality. This cap is worth using after the trouble.
【UNISEX USAGE】Everyone is suitable for this cap! The diameter adjustment range of 7 inches to 8 1/2 inches allows this baseball cap to be worn on most of the human’s head. Whether you are a man or a woman, a child or an adult, we hope you stay good fitness.
【SAFER MATERIAL】BPA-FREE and NON-TOXIC! The shield is made of TPU, which is an odorless material widely used in daily necessities that come into contact with the human body. Keep you and your family away from tiny things and harmful chemicals.

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