A detailed guide on emerald green earrings: From birthstone chart to fengshui rules

Emerald green earrings are must- have items for ladies of May. The famous birthstone has been spotted many times on the red carpet because of its luxury and glamor. No one can resist the beauty of emerald earrings. But there are more fun things to them than just a beautiful appearance. For people who prefer the western birthstones chart, it is very easy to choose your gemstone. But for people who love the mysterious eastern culture, it is a lot more difficult to choose your right stone. The right gemstone can boost your energy and advance your luck. The wrong one can mess up your mood or even your career or your relationship with the others. But believe it or not, it is fun to learn about jewelry from different perspective. Let´s get to know the importance of emerald green earrings in western and eastern culture and of course, the best emerald green earrings collection in Orcar Jewelry.

Emerald green earrings in birthstone chart

Emerald is considered the gemstone of May. Most of the other months have more than one type of birthstone. For example, December is the month with the most diverse collection of suitable gemstones with blue zircon, topaz and tanzanite. The fact that May only has one type of gemstone narrows the choices of the ladies, but that might not be a bad thing. Having only one birthstone type makes the gem even more exclusive and unique. No other birthstone has the same gorgeous color as emerald. So celebrate your birth month with jewelry made of emerald if you were born in May. Or, if you are in search of a nice present, you can choose a pair of gorgeous emerald green earrings. Show that you pay attention to details through a nice and well- thought present. 

emerald green earrings

According to the birthstone chart, emerald is the symbol of love and rebirth as well. The symbolism has to do with trees and nature since the color green represents the natural elements. Trees withstand bad weather and even some natural disaster. Trees will always grow, even if it takes time to recover. That is the reason why trees represent the rebirth. For ladies who love the earth and its creations, emerald must be the perfect birthstone. 

Emerald green earrings in Fengshui 

According to the law of fengshui, each person has their own natural representation. Some are represented by the fire, some are represented by the earth and so on. There are 5 natural elements that resemble each person depending on their year of birth: fire, water, wood, metal, earth. How do you know what is your fengshui element? Everything depends on your year of birth in lunar calendar. Investigate which year it is and check out your element.

  • Metal: Birth years ending in 0 or 1
  • Wood: Birth years ending in 4 or 5
  • Water: Birth years ending in 2 or 3
  • Fire: Birth years ending in 6 or 7
  • Earth: Birth years ending in 8 or 9

So, for example, if your year of birth in lunar calendar is 1999, you are a earth girl. If your birth year is 1983, your element is water. And each element compliments the others in their own way, or it goes against them. A lady with water element won´t get along well with a person of fire element. While that lady will be a good friend of a person with wood element. You can easily analyze how the fengshui works according to common knowledge about the 5 elements.

The color green of emerald represents wood element. So the gem suits ladies that have the birth year ends in number 4 or 5. Emeralds work like a charm of peace for these ladies because choosing the gemstone that represents your own element is a safe choice. It doesn´t cause unbalance nor does it bring many drastic effect. Choosing the stone of the same color as your element is a way to maintain the tranquil of your internal energy. 

On the other hand, since the water nutriates the trees and makes the wood more abundant, gemstones that represent the water actually give a greater effect to ladies with wood element. Gemstones in bright blue color are beneficial for ladies with wood element as well. Also, wood creates fire. So for ladies whose element is fire (birth year ends in number 6 or 7), emerald earrings are good for their energy and their luck as well. 

Gorgeous emerald green earrings in Orcar Jewelry

A pair of authentic emerald earrings can cause around 500 to thousands of dollars. That is not an ideal price for everyone, thus a replica is a nice choice. But it doesn´t mean that the earrings have to be of bad nor normal quality. The earrings that Orcar is about to show you are expensive- looking and they look like the real deal.

emerald green earrings

These clip on simulated emerald earrings are to die for. The simulated emeralds look expensive and they are almost as gorgeous as the real ones. You have to be an expert to be able to tell the difference between them. The design is minimal and it has the timeless look that never goes out of style. The sterling silver body is shiny and it boosts the beauty of the stones. Since the design is minimal, it adds just a touch of flair that will make you look elegant and attractive. But the attraction lies on you instead of the earrings since they are not big nor extra. The pair is perfect for daily wear. So why don’t you purchase the pair now at this link?


emerald green earrings

These dangles are definitely more elaborate in the design. The simulated glass emeralds are hugged by a rhodium plated frame that compliments the beauty of the stones. Around the stones attached cubic zircons, aka synthetic diamond. So the quality of the pair is undeniable. The clip on closure is comfortable and suitable for any lady. You can wear them to special and formal events or at family parties. Add a touch of glam and class to your outfit. Be special and be luxurious. Buy the pair now at this link.


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