A comfortable flight with Michael Kors jet set travel wallet

A jet set travel wallet is a must-have item for neat travelers. Going on flights can be very tiring and it would be a lot worse if travelers don’t know how to organize their hand luggage. Moving around the airport with a big hand luggage and another bag of “essential personal items” is definitely more uncomfortable than anything. And at the same time, it takes away the glamor of jet sets. Therefore, it is time to look at jet set travel wallet that can contain every crucial item like a phone, bank cards, ID, etc. Why opt for anything else when you can have comfort and fashion at reach?


Jet set was used to describe fancy travelers who could move around by planes easily. Nowadays, the term refers to any travel affectionate that loves traveling around by planes, giving that flying isn´t such an out of reach way of moving between beautiful places anymore. However, there is one thing about traveling by planes that has never changed. It requires some smart packaging. If travelers don´t organize what they bring with them, the flight can be more tiring than it should be. The normal tendency of travelers is packing more stuff than they really need. This is a bad habit that worsens the journey. 

Nowadays, there are some essential items that everyone should bring with them on the plane. Without the passport, international flights can´t be verified nor carried out. So passport must be the first thing that occurs to travelers’ minds. Next stuff is bank cards. Travelers can only bring with them a certain amount of money. If they want to bring an amount that exceeds the requirement, it is obligate that they keep it in the bank cards. Thus, bank cards should be brought on a flight. On the other hand, phones function limitedly when users are on a flight, but they can store information that users can benefit from, whether it is for entertainment or work. A jet set travel wallet is capable of containing all these. 


Michael Kors is one of the best brands that craft jet set travel wallets. Their designs are simple, elegant, timeless and flight-friendly. With the help of these minimalized purses, users can enjoy a simpler and more comfortable trip. Just like any Michael Kors products, these wallets are aesthetic and functional. Without any doubt, users can benefit greatly from these travel-friendly products.

jet set travel wallet

This Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Wallet is well sectioned and users benefit from its wonderful design and craft. It has 1 ID window and 16 card holders. There are also 2 sections to place the money in. The best feature of this wallet is that it has a wide section for smartphone. Users can indeed keep the phone in wallets that have the same length, but they aren´t crafted to carry phones. Therefore, a wallet that is thoroughly planned to serve in traveling and has a phone section is a much better option. 

On the other hand, the wallet features Michael Kors´s famous logo and zip, which are both of silver color. The blue tone of the wallet comes from Saffiano leather, a material that can be spotted in any famous brand. It is water-resistant, durable and stain-resistant. There is no better option for travel wallets than this one. Please check out this link to know more about the product´s features. 


jet set travel wallet

Black wallet, good wallet. This Michael Kors jet wallet no doubt is a beauty. The black color of the Saffino leather mixes well with the golden-tone zipper. This combination of colors ages like fine wine, it will never look out of date. The interior of this wallet is different from the one above. This black Michael Kors wallet has fewer card holders with 5 sections. It also includes 1 ID window, 1 zip lock pocket, 1 bill compartment and 1 phone holder. The advantage of this wallet is that its color makes it easy to use on daily basis. Users can mix and match the wallet with many outfits and it can be used not only for traveling purposes. Even though this wallet only has 5 sections for card holders, it is more than enough for users who are loyal to few cards. Buy this product now at this link for a good daily product and also traveling product.



As mentioned above, users can only travel by plane with a limited amount of cash, the rest is stored in the international contactless card that they use. In order to protect the data and the money of the card from being stolen, an RFID blocking wallet is recommended. Check out this RFID blocking wallet.

jet set travel wallet
jet set travel wallet

Besides of Michael Kors accordion wallet, you can consider this leather Timberland a compacted jet set wallet with a secure RFID protection. Travelers can carry everything they need with this wallet. It has 1 ID transparent window, 15 card sections, 3 bill pockets, 1 accordion pocket and 1 zipper pocket on the back. It has many divided sections that allow users to organize their documents and money. The accordion pocket is wide and it can contain 1 smartphone. Also, this wallet features the RFID blocking function that protects users from virtual threats. On the other hand, the material that the designer used to craft this wallet is genuine leather. Thus it is durable and luxurious. To buy the wallet, visit our website at this link.


jet set travel wallet

You can´t spell RFID Blocking without Vera Bradley. Vera Bradley zip id wallet has always been a famous and go-to option for careful users. The wallet is attached to an RFID blocking system that can protect every single card in the wallet. Vera Bradley chose microfiber fabric to craft this wallet. Thanks to the material it is durable, long-lasting and flexible. It can even resist water. The interior of the wallet includes 2 clear ID windows, 12 cards pockets and 3 bill pockets. The exterior features 1 zip pocket for coins or unimportant papers. To buy the wallet, check out this link.


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