5 magnificent earrings with leverback that you can’t miss

Everybody knows that earrings can be quite problematic sometimes. Even though they are gorgeous, stylish and fancy, you still can’t avoid having some issues with them. One of the biggest problems is that these beautiful accessories tend to get lost without you realizing it. So what is the tea here? There are many types of earring’s closure that work differently on each person. You can find postbacks, clips, hooks and many other kinds of closure on the jewelry market. But there is one type of closure that withstand all the challenges of weather and the craziness of our daily activities: ‘leverback’. 

What makes leverback an ideal closure for earrings?

Among earrings closure, leverback is the toughest. Leverback earrings are considered the most secure type of earrings to wear on any event. The closure is a combination of hook and clicback. Hooks facilitate the process of putting the earrings on and the click back makes sure that the earrings stay on. Many ladies have lost one earring and later can’t find it, which makes the pair go to waste. With leverback earrings, this situation is less likely to happen. You can rock your jewelry in parties, reunions, weddings without being worried that it might fall off.

The length of each leverback can vary a lot, so it is safe to say that not all leverback earrings are the same. You have access to many options. And thus, you should keep in mind that they will perform differently on your face. The length of the leverback earrings can affect the face shape. Either it compliments your beauty or it will make some features unnecessarily noticeable. The key to choose leverback earrings is: Create a balance between your face shape and the length of the earrings. The longer the earrings, the longer your face will look. So if you have a round or short face, pick long leverback earrings. If you have a long face, choose short leverback earrings.

Top 5 best leverback earrings

Now that you know why leverback earrings is highly recommended, let’s meet some of the best contestants in this particular branch of jewelry. You will find earrings to wear on formal events, birthday parties or even weddings (yours or others). These 5 gorgeous pairs guarantee that they will make your heart sway.

  • Kemstone Colorful Leverback Earrings

Colorful, elegant and inspiring. Those are three words that describe this pair the best. The combination of different colors is harmonious and it gives the earrings a playful vibe. The interesting fact about this pair is that the earrings include both hot and cool colors. Ladies of all skin tones can benefit from it. The red and rose gold color compliment warm rich honey skin while green, purple and clear stones make fair skin pop. The entire surface of the earrings is covered in crystals and rhinestones. The authentic shine ensures that the pair look expensive and luxurious. The reviews of Orcar’s customers reflect the true quality of the pair, which is A.MA.ZING! The pair is suitable for ladies of all ages. Check out those beautiful comments at this link.


Price: $37.98

  • Lesa Michele Leverback Earrings With Round Cubic Zirconia Drop 

If bridal earrings ar0065 what you are looking for from this article, then these are your earrings. Rose gold is a romantic and feminine color that is perfect for wedding or wedding anniversary. Lesa Michele has taken this detail in mind and creates this masterpiece of earrings. The two clear color stones are cubic zirconia, aka synthetic diamonds at an extremely affordable price. The leverbacks of these accessories are embellished with tiny stones. The design is very well thought since most designers skip the leverbacks and focus more on the adornment. Plus, the leverbacks are made of sterling silver plated in rose gold. Such a quality product can make it to any wedding ceremony. Purchase the product at this link.


Price: $32.98

  • LUHE Silver Cat Earrings

This pair of silver cat earrings is crafted for teens and small girls. When buying jewelry for young children, it is important that the piece is not too big or has too many details going on. Young girls are more active and they can get hurt easily if their accessories are too elaborated. This pair of silver cat earrings can guarantee a safe wear. The leverbacks are designed to be smaller than normal. Thus the earrings hug nicely around the earlobes and the girl won´t have trouble with them. And the sterling silver works its magic as always. The material is irritation free so that it won´t cause allergic. On the other hand, cats are universally loved by every little girl for its fanciness, cuteness and elegance. It will be super cool to give them these earrings as a present. Purchase the pair here.


Price: $35.98

  • Boho Leverback Earrings

If glamourous and elegant is not your style then maybe this pair of boho earrings is the one that can spark your joy. Just like any other boho earrings, these are impressive, vibrant and gorgeous. The fringes are covered in sparkling beads. With every head turn, you will capture the attention of everyone. The boho style expresses freedom and joyfulness within the mind. Despite the heavy looking appearance, this pair is actually light weight. So rock your summer with these magical boho earrings, not even the Coronavirus can stop ladies from looking like a 10. Buy them now in this direction. 


Price: $27.87

  • Classic Silver Earring With Blue Swarovski Stones

These silver earrings scream elegant. The design is so simple yet so effective. The stones are big enough to draw glances but they are not too big to make the earrings look cheap and flashy. The color silver and blue dance together and create a masterpiece. Combine these earrings with a formal or classy outfit to achieve the full effect. If you are looking for a gift that is anniversary worthy, this is a perfect choice. Buy these earrings now here.


Price: $39.98

Get yourselves a pair of leverback earrings now. You won´t be disappointed. Rock the night away with secure jewelry and shine.  

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