Safety pin earrings

Safety pin earrings belong to stylish people and that is a fact. The design is fun and unique at the same time. No fashion lovers can refuse a cute pair of safety pin earrings. You can wear them with literally any outfit and they will make you look amazing. They usually come in basic colors like golden, silver, black, etc. Therefore, it is super easy to mix and match them with different outfits.

If you haven’t noticed, many celebrities all over the world are spotted wearing this amazing design. From Hollywood’s sweethearts like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Fergie to K- pop idol like Kang Daniel. They rock the safety pin earrings so many times it is impossible to count. Kendall has worn them in many special events like on the red carpet or in photoshoot, in daily life she even wears them more often. The Korean singer Kang Daniel brought these accessories to the stage more than one time and his fans have been wondering why.

Let’s find out the reason behind this crave for safety pin earrings. And surely you will want to get a pair or two.

Why you should own safety pin earrin

Safety pin earrings are simple, chic and stylish. Therefore, they are perfect for urban girls with a great sense of fashion. But do you know that there are meaning to this design? Celebrities don’t wear them simply because they are fashionable and chic. Sometimes, earrings are not just accessories. Since 2016, these babies have been a part of a movement where people from different countries use them as a symbol of solidarity. The safety pin earrings represent love and support towards the various group of people like immigrants and LGBT+ community. At the same time, they fight back against hate crime and keep them from spreading. It is time for fashion lovers to fully join in this beautiful journey. Let’s make fashion go beyond clothes and accessories. You can take part in this movement any time with a pair of safety pin earrings.

5 gorgeous pairs of safety pin earrings

In orcarjewelry.com, we offer you various pieces of jewelry that compliment and inspire. Here are the 5 pairs of safety pin earrings that you can’t refuse. Let’s check them out.

The first candidate is our best seller and it is easy to understand why. The design is elegant and simple. You can’t go wrong using this pair to give your outfits a boost. A minimal pair of earrings like this can change the whole look. Why being normally dressed when you can be the trendsetter who owns looks that impress. This pair is designed by Lane Wood and the brand makes a great use of the stainless steel material that doesn’t contain nickel nor lead to create this product. It is hypoallergenic and thus doesn’t cause allergy or irritation like some low- quality earrings. People who have sensitive skin can benefit from these earrings.

Plus, they are very lightweight, each side only weighs 4 grams. That is an impressively comfortable weight for jewelry. You can wear them on daily basis or in other events. The reviews are amazing as well. Customers have left comments to share their experience with the earrings and they all have one thing in common: The photos don’t do these earrings’ justice. They look more gorgeous in person and the shine is wonderful. It would be such a waste if you miss out on them. 

Safety pin earrings

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Safety pin earrings

The design of this pair exactly resembles the real safety pin. Like the pair above, this one is one of the best sellers too. The color is silver and it looks expensive, although the price says otherwise. It is simple, basic and effective. Dtja used 925 sterling silver to make this product and later plated them with 18k white gold. They are safe for the skin, durable and quality. This material also is hypoallergenic so it is totally safe for the skin. Thanks to the lightweight, customers can even sleep in them. In other words, these earrings are comfortable enough for daily wear and chic enough for special events.

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Safety pin earrings

This pair also is safety pin earrings, but with a twist. Unlike other earrings, these ones have hearts that dangle nicely. The color is different as well since it is rose gold. They are designed by Betsey Johnson so you know that they are unique. They are handcrafted totally, which assure that they are one of a kind. They are so chic and fashionable that you can wear them to parties or even on red carpet. 

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Safety pin earrings

If you prefer punk rock style than this pair suits you the most. The design is simple it looks the same as a real safety pin. But the black color gives these earrings a darker and more mysterious vibe. They are made of 925 sterling silver plated in black, totally nickel free and don’t do any harm to skin. They also come with a gift box and a cloth so you can clean and store them. Or you can use them as a gift for your loved one. The quality is amazing, you won’t be disappointed. 

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Safety pin earrings

The last candidate in the top list of best safety pin earrings is gorgeous as well. The pair is made of stainless steel plated in gold, it resists rust and tarnishing, thus gives a sustainable use of the earrings. It is plated with the technology called vacuum ion, which makes the color last longer and more visually attractive. These earrings are light and comfortable like other safety pin earrings above. So get yourselves a pair of these trendy and urban earrings now if you have accidentally fallen in love with them!Check out this beautiful product now at: Link

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