4 reasons why diamond hoop earrings are in trend right now

Diamond hoop earrings

Diamond hoop earrings are one of those items that look incredible while having a simple design. This type of earrings seems effortless but it can give a huge impact on the outfit of any lady. Small hoops are perfect for daily wear while big hoops are eye- catching for parties and events. Any jewelry collection needs at least one pair of hoop earrings, especially those that are adorned with shiny diamonds. If you haven´t added this versatile jewelry design in your collection, you can´t call yourself a trendsetter nor fashion lover. Check out these gorgeous earrings and complete your jewelry box.

4 reasons why you must own a pair of diamond hoop earrings

  • Hoops are versatile

Diamond hoop earrings are versatile items that can go with any outfits, from casual daily wear to gowns that are red- carpet worthy. These earrings come in many sizes and they are embellished with shiny diamonds. Diamonds can come in different shades. So even if there isn´t much to the design, the earrings will still look eye- catching and impressive. Match these earrings with any style of clothes and steal the attention of any crowd.

  • Diamonds earrings aren´t always expensive

Diamonds can be substituted with other materials like rhinestones, foiled back stones, Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconias, etc. Among these materials, nothing beats cubic zirconias. These gorgeous gems have been around for many years and they are famous for looking exactly like authentic diamonds. Cubic zirconia is also called synthetic diamond for that reason. These man- made gems cost a lot less and they don´t harm the environment through their creation progress. 

  • Ladies of all ages can wear small hoops

Not just adults, small girls can wear small hoops too. The design is not too flashy nor too wild. Therefore, young girls can wear it as well. If you are looking for a mother- daughter gift, two pair of diamond hoop earrings of the same design will be a perfect idea. Furthermore, small hoops don´t tend to harm the skin of young princesses since they are made of nice materials. And they don´t have dangling decorative pieces that can be caught between objects either. 

  • Small hoops are made of the best materials

When buying bigger hoops, you should pay attention to the materials that the designers use to craft their jewelry. But small hoops are in a different lane. These tiny earrings usually are made of the most quality metals and stones. The reason behind this choice of good materials for small hoops is that the earrings don´t offer much space to work with. Small hoops, or huggies, don´t have exaggerated adornments. So in order to wow the wearers and observers, great materials are a perfect choice to make the earrings shine through. The simpler the design is, the more quality should it have.

The best diamond hoop earrings that you won´t find anywhere else

Orcar Jewelry owns many wonderful earrings that have impressed ladies of all ages. We offer the most diverse collection of diamond earrings that ladies who love jewelry can´t resist. Don´t miss out on these wonderful designs. Check out our amazing collection of diamond hoops earrings. 

Diamond hoop earrings

Materials: sterling silver, 18K white gold, cubic zirconia.

Dainty and cute. This pair has everything that a lady can dream of. The main pieces of the earrings are moon and star figures. These symbols represent a romantic, dreamy and free spirit. The pair is covered in AAAAA rated cubic zirconia that are brighter than the real moon and stars. The purity and clarity of these stones are undeniable. They are placed on top of a sterling silver frame plated in 18K white gold. The earrings are hypoallergenic and they don´t contain lead nor nickel. These two components usually cause allergic reaction. So if you have trouble with these elements, you can feel at ease now. The total weight of the pair is 3 grams. That is super comfortable to wear, especially for daily activities. You can purchase these earrings at this link.


Diamond hoop earrings

Materials: White gold, platinum, Swarovski crystals.

Let´s get to know this pair of hoops designed by Gemini. This pair of hoops is about 5cm long each side. The hoops are big, impressive and attractive. The design is a lot more elaborate with the coordination between two rings of hoops on each earring. The majestic silver color of the earrings comes from a solid white gold plated in a rich platinum color. The metal is rust- resist and durable. You can count on this pair to last for a lifetime. One ring is solid metal. But the other ring gives a twist to the design. It is covered entirely in Swarovski crystals that give the pair a blinding shine. Each earring weighs 6 grams. You will feel comfortable having these diamond hoop earrings on during a long event. Accessorize your outfits with this pair, purchase it now at this link.


Diamond hoop earrings

Materials: Sterling silver, brass, Swarovski crystals.

Gemini definitely know how to use their genuine Swarovski crystals. This pair is a bomb. It belongs more to the chic, extra and trendy side. The earrings are 4cm long and their surface is embellished with clear- color Swarovski crystals. The shine is boosted even higher thanks to the frame of the earrings. It is made of brass plated in sterling silver. This pair is perfect for special events, but it goes just as nice with daily outfits. The beauty of this pair is brought out the most during holidays or parties that include heavy light. You will be surprise for having too many compliments on this pair. Buy it now at this link.


Materials: Cubic zirconia, sterling silver, 18K white gold.

Fresh and young. This pair brings a joyful vibe to anyone who wears it. The main pieces adapt the shape of starfishes and they are adorned with small cubic zirconias. These stones are rated AAAAA for their shine performance and clarity. The metal body is made of sterling silver plated in 18K white gold that is also nickel free. Everything about this pair screams high- quality but its price is more than affordable. Add this pair to your daily earrings collection now. Buy the pair at this link.


Don´t miss the chance to own these pretty earrings and enjoy our free shipping service across the US. Orcar Jewelry guarantees that our products can satisfy any lady. 

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