14K gold earrings

There are many styles and many designs of jewelry that shook the heart of fashion lovers, but it is undeniable that 14K gold earrings are the most luxurious. No matter what fashion choices you make, you can always count on a pair of gold earrings to make your outfit look expensive. 14K gold is used to plate earrings or it can be the solid material of the piece. Depend on the way designers make use of this precious metal, the design can be complicated and the price tag reflects more or less the quality of the final products. 

But that is not always the case. In ORCARJEWELRY, many earrings are of high- quality but the prices assure that all customers can easily afford a pair of earrings. Our digital store offers many wonderful pairs of 14K gold earrings that will make any customers be head over heels. We own earrings of all kinds for both men and women. Every customer will walk away with a pair or two, brought to you by ORCARJEWELRY.

14K gold earrings come in different shapes, styles and sizes. There are hoops, studs, drops that give different effects on each person. Continue to read and you will have a full guide on how to choose 14K gold earrings to satisfy your glamorous and chic fashion sense.

Don’t make your facial features unbalanced with unflattering earring’s shape

Not everyone has the same face shapes and facial features. Thanks to that, the world is a more artistic place with diverse beauty. But not everyone knows how to choose earrings that compliment them and make them unique. Our advice is to create a balanced overall that is comfortable to look at.

If you are a lady with round face shape (like Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence, Miranda Kerr), avoid round hoop earrings. Choosing this shape will make your face rounder and erase your facial features or blend them together, make them seem faint. Go for earrings with angles like square or triangle. This will give your face a touch of edginess instead of making everything soft. Or, another way is to choose long, dangle earrings since they will make your face look longer.

On the contrary, for ladies with square face (like Paris Hilton, Natalie Portman, Fergie), we recommend that you choose round earrings. By choosing square earrings, you are making your face look too tough or too manly. Round earrings will soften your facial features.

For ladies with long face (like Tyra Banks, Liv Tyler, Kim Kardashian), avoid long and thin dangle earrings at all cost. Instead, choose stud or dangle earrings that have round garnishes. It helps draw attention to the face and balance the length of it. 

Above we have some basic face shapes and advises for you to choose earrings that compliment you nicely. So what is the shape of your face? Take that info in mind and will be able to pick out a pair of 14K gold earrings that we are going to show you down below.

14K gold earrings that you will fall in love with

ORCARJEWELRY brings you many wonderful pairs of 14K gold earrings that will fulfill your love for glamorous jewelry. Let’s meet our contestants. 

14K gold earrings

This gorgeous pair of drop earrings are for ladies with long face. The quality of these earrings is amazing. The two cubes are made of authentic Swarovski Crystal and they have iridescent color that inspires and impresses. The leverback closure is made of brass plated with 14K gold for a high shine. It is completely hypoallergenic, which means you will have the safest and most comfortable wear with these bad boys. They make a perfect gift for girlfriend, mother, sister, etc. You can wear them on many occasions as well.

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14K gold earrings

OMG aren’t they gorgeous! These dangle earrings are for ladies with long face. The size of the teardrops is big, and with the round curves they can add softness to your face. The teardrops are made of Swarovski Crystal just like the pair above. The hooks are made of alloy plated with 14K gold. They are hypoallergenic, eco- friendly and nickel- free. With such size and such design, they are a wonderful pair of statement earrings. Beware, a rain of compliments is coming!

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14K gold earrings

This pair of 14k gold earrings is perfect for girls with square face. Looking at the design, you realize that it is quite versatile. The hoops go well with any styles. If you prefer elegant outfits, the hoops will compliment you elegantly. If chic and hip- hop is the style you strive to archive, these hoops are the thing. The surface of the hoops is chain- like. The top of the hoops is adorned with a small zirconia stone. The metal used to craft these earrings is high- quality brass plated with 14k gold, totally hypoallergenic, nickel- free and lead- free. They are made for ladies with sensitive skin.

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14K gold earrings

Where are the star girls at? These earrings are just for you. This design fits all face shape so just throw all the theory behind your head. The moon design is so romantic. It is decorated with two zirconia crystal balls. It is so simple yet effective. No one can pass by this beautiful pair. The post is made of hypoallergenic titanium coated with 14k gold for an anti- tarnish function. Any fashion lovers with the heart for sustainable accessories will love these

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With this post we hope that you have found the perfect 14K gold earrings for your glamorous soul that suit you perfectly. Get yourselves these cute earrings now before they run out of stock. 

For any other information, please contact us via email and hotline. Our customer service team will assist in the blink of an eye. Enjoy shopping with us!

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